Hotel & Chateau Svijany

To Svijany in pursuit of relaxation and experiences

Hotel & Chateau Svijany is located at the edge of the Bohemian Paradise and is barely 40 minutes by car from Prague and 20 minutes by car from Liberec, not far from the D10 Motorway. Its location makes it an excellent starting point for a visit to the Bohemian Paradise. 

The chateau hotel offers accommodation in a total of 17 chateau rooms with a capacity of 41 beds. It is possible to relax in the chateau garden, which is a retreat from reality for all. The chateau has a permanent exhibition of the archaeology and history of the chateau and its surroundings, the history of beer brewing and the spa industry, the underground and much more.

The Arcana game

Every chateau has its own secrets hidden corridors whose walls are full of stories that are not always clear and simple. At Chateau Svijany, you and your friends can gradually uncover its history, hidden under a mysterious shroud in the Arcana chateau adventure game, which will guide you through the chateau. Play the interactive adventure game, which combines the possibilities of on-line games, secret hiding places and true ciphers which guide you through the chateau. Apart from the fact that the game puts your wits and reflexes to the test, it can also highly entertain you and your family or friends The Arcana game

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