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Visit the Bohemian Paradise and you will be amazed by its magic. Thanks to its location, Hotel & Chateau Svijany is a great base from which to go on excursions all over the locality.



Bohemian Paradise offers to its visitors romantic rock towns with breathtaking views. Explore the Hruboskalsko region with the legendary Marian lookout (Mariánská vyhlídka), the symbolic cemetery of climbers, the Mousehole and Adam's bed, or visit the sandstone rock town and the climbers' paradise Prachov Rocks (Prachovské skály) or the labyrinth of sandstone rocks with beautiful views of the Besedice Rock (Besedické skály).

If you wish to look around the region from higher altitudes, we recommend the Kozákov hill, from whose observation tower it is possible to see up to a quarter of Bohemia. You cannot miss Mount Ještěd, at the top of which there you can find the symbol of the region - hotel and television transmitter. Other breathtaking panoramic views are offered by the Brada hill and the Čížovka lookout tower.

If you are interested in castles and the secrets they hide, visit Valdštejn Castle and see the Painting of the Saint in the Chapel, which is perhaps the only existing portrait of Karel Hynek Mácha. Also visit the majestic Gothic Kost Castle and try to find a place from which you can see all four corners of its tower at the same time! Climb to one of the towers of the ruins of Trosky Castle and try to guess why the towers are called Virgin (Panna) and Old Woman (Baba), or explore the ruins of Frýdštejn Castle, where a popular fairy tale "Princess Jasněnka and Flying Shoemakers" was filmed.

The well-preserved ruins of Valečov and Zvířetice castles and the former Drábské světničky rock fortress are also worth a visit.

Do not miss the neo-Gothic castles Sychrov, Hrubý Rohozec and the Baroque chateau Mnichovo Hradiště. Humprecht hunting lodge offers an interesting tour.



See the White Tigers at the Liberec Zoo or the European Ground Squirrel on Radouč meadow near Mladá Boleslav with your own eyes. Entertainment for the whole day awaits you in the natural area Happy Land (Štastná země) or in the EKOPark Liberec.

The modern science center iQLANDIA with planetarium will offer you hundreds of original interactive exhibits. You will enjoy the old Czech pilgrimage with many attractions in the Lunapark and have fun in the renovated AquaPark in the style of Jules Verne stories.

If you are interested in non-traditional museums, do not forget to visit the Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears near Trosky Castle, where you can admire historical dolls as well as the incredibly real life looking modern dolls. Fans of cars, airplanes and motorbikes cannot miss the Skoda Museum, Metodej Vlach Aviation Museum or Motomuseum Borek pod Troskami. Those interested in folk architecture and traditions will appreciate the Dlask farmhouse museum. It is also worth mentioning the War Museum in Újezd pod Troskami.

If you would like to spend your holiday actively, take your bike with you or rent an e-bike from us and explore well maintained cycleways of the Bohemian Paradise. The cyclist route planner on will help you choose the best bike trip. You can also rent scooters or a boat in the Bohemian Paradise rentals. You can test your strength and dexterity in the Rope Center Žlutá plovárna.



On hot summer days there is nothing better than a refreshing dip into the water. If you prefer a swimming pool with attractions, we recommend the area Mašek´s  Garden (Maškova zahrada) in Turnov, Swimming pool Mladá Boleslav and Swimming pool Kníže in Jičín. If you prefer natural swimming pools, visit the Mšeno reservoir in Jablonec or camps Branžež, Sedmihorky or Jinolice.


Where to go skiing in winter? Try skiing in Ještěd Ski Resort, the V Popelkách Ski Resort, Smržovka and Tanvaldský Špičák.


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