Chateau Tavern - Zámecký šenk

The Chateau Tavern is a stylish restaurant in the chateau premises, which is used for various private events. We can decorate it so it becomes a luxurious hall for a romantic wedding, but we are able to prepare a perfect base for conferences, corporate and private parties, lectures and other events. The chateau hall, as well as the entire chateau premises, underwent extensive renovation, so its premises are very modern and representative.


Use a stable base for various corporate activities

The multipurpose interior of the Chateau Tavern is suitable for conferences, corporate and private parties, lectures and various corporate events. With a capacity of up to 85 seats and an area of 165 m2, the tavern creates a generous and comfortable base for a larger corporate event. The tavern consists of two separate rooms, which can be rented as a whole or separately. If you need to split the participants of the corporate event, the premises of the large and small lounge will certainly suit you. The dominant feature of the tavern is a fully functional large fireplace, which evokes a pleasant atmosphere.


Capacity of meeting rooms – arrangement




U shape
(around the perimeter)


Large lounge

 100 m2

80 persons

28 persons

33 persons

Small lounge

50,7 m2

48 persons

21 persons

12 persons


While the Chateau Tavern is suitable for the official part of the company training, after the conference you can invite your employees to relax and enjoy great food at the outdoor grill or go to the chateau garden, which offers a great spot for outdoor events. In colder weather you can use outdoor heaters and fully equipped kitchen with grill and seating area. Your business event can change dynamics and you will experience several environments throughout the day.

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