Corporate events in the chateau

Hotel & Chateau Svijany with its location on the outskirts of the Bohemian Paradise is an ideal place for corporate teambuilding, training or conferences. Hotel & Chateau Svijany is only a 40-minute drive from Prague. From Liberec you will get to us in less than 20 minutes.  Thanks to its location, the chateau area is ideal for a quick transfer from the busy city to the peaceful countryside of the Bohemian Paradise.


Base for generous corporate events

The chateau area offers attractive premises that are great for corporate teambuilding, workshops, presentations and other corporate meetings. In the Chateau Tavern you can comfortably seat 85 conference participants. You can also choose outdoor events in the chateau garden and use the outdoor grill with a capacity of 80 people. You will easily park your car in front of the hotel. Parking is free of charge.


We will arrange the full event for you:


Undemanding teambuilding programme for you

For companies we provide a teambuilding and adventure programme in the form of ARCANA chateau game (available only in Czech language), which is based on an adventure story set in the exclusive environment of Chateau Svijany. The game combines intellectual and creative skills and is physically undemanding. It aims at interaction among team members, promotes the development of creativity, time management and the search for various and unconventional solutions. The ARCANA chateau game is ideal for your employees of different ages and different physical abilities.


If you would like us to organize your event or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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