Entertainment for children

The Hotel & Chateau Svijany offers a lot of fun activities even for young guests of all ages. Children will have a lot of fun on sunny as well as rainy days. For more information on individual activities, please contact our Reception.


Children's playground and sandpit

The chateau garden is a perfect place to spend free time with children. Your children will love our playground. You can find here traditional climbing frames as well as play panels and an archaeological sandpit.



Montessori corner

In the reception area of the hotel, there is a spacious Montessori corner. Using special games, children develop their skills. Let your children play in our corner and watch them enjoy being creative and finding new solutions.



Augmented reality

If your children are interested in modern technology, they will certainly love a mobile app that they can download for free. Thanks to this application, they can explore outdoor panels that convert 2D drawn images into 3D models. Children will enjoy an unusual view of interesting exhibits in the chateau garden (exhibits are mainly from the Bronze Age) and at the same time they will find a lot of new information.






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