Corporate events in the chateau

Corporate events in the chateau
The newly renovated premises of Chateau Svijany offer a generous and practical base for corporate events and teambuilding. Thanks to its location close to the Bohemian Paradise and its easy and quick accessibility from Prague, Hotel & Chateau Svijany has become extremely popular for organizing conferences, training programmes and corporate events. We will gladly provide catering for you, rent you the necessary equipment and provide for a leisure-time programme.
Chateau Tavern - Zámecký šenk
Invite your employees or business partners to a stylish corporate event at Hotel & Chateau Svijany. We offer you the possibility to rent multipurpose indoor and outdoor premises of the Chateau Tavern. The interior of the Chateau Tavern with an area of 165 m2 is a perfect choice for conferences, but also for corporate and private parties. The tavern is suitable for training, lectures and other corporate events with a capacity of 85 persons.
Meeting room
If you want to organize private training for several important business partners or if you run a small business, we offer you a smaller meeting room. It is designed primarily for important meetings for which you need complete privacy and a peaceful environment. Our stylishly designed meeting room is designed for 6 people. You can invite your business partners to a meeting and accommodate them in the generous chateau premises.
Outdoor grill
The summer season invites you to stay outdoors, even at the romantic Chateau Svijany. Therefore, our outdoor restaurant with a grill provides a pleasant and comfortable seating near the chateau garden. There is also a children's playground where your children can happily play if you take them to the corporate event with you. The restaurant is suitable for outdoor events and activities. The capacity of the restaurant is 80 people, so you can come with the whole company and business partners.
Chateau garden
The chateau garden is not only used for romantic weddings, but it is an excellent place for relaxing walks during the breaks of corporate events. The garden is also a great place for various outdoor activities and teambuilding. The area of the chateau garden is more than 4,000 m2. Our offer also includes picnic baskets full of delicacies, so you can liven up the corporate event by relaxing under the most delightful cherry tree in the romantic chateau environment.
Business stays
Hotel and Chateau Svijany offers ideal conditions for accommodation of companies, businessmen and employees on business trips and business stays.
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